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Dr. Philip Antino Ph.D., BSc (Hons), MSc, MRes, ICIOB, FCABE, MCIArb.

Philip is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers and a Building Surveyor. His academic qualifications culminate with his unprecedented Doctoral Research on the Party Wall etc Act 1996 demonstrate his ability to analytically dissect complex issues. The first academic research undertaken throughout the history of the Party Wall etc. This is further enhanced by his experience as an expert witness having acted in cases in the County Court, High Court, Court of Appeal, Magistrate’s Court and The First Tier Tribunal.

Philip’s broad area of expertise in construction disputes is supported by four decades of hands-on experience. Philip is regularly appointed in Arbitration and Adjudication matters and/or in litigation as an Expert Witness. Philip’s analytical skills enable him to identify the issues and provide appropriate analysis, prognosis and diagnosis to assist the Court/Tribunal To help clients reach the correct resolution of the dispute and/or resolve issues and disputes on economical and pragmatic terms.

Philip’s clients include property developers, contractors, local authorities, sub-contractors, architects, manufacturers, surveyors and private property owners and individuals.  Irrespective of the complexities of the dispute, Philip will adopt a pragmatic and commercial approach to resolving the issues and when appointed as the Arbitrator or Adjudicator will manage the procedures with impartiality, honesty and integrity.

Philip’s Full C.V is available on request.

The Arbitration Act 1996


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Comments from Judges

Dr Antino’s evidence was consistent and concise throughout the hearing and assisted the Court in reaching a Judgment in favour of The Claimant.

HHJ Hellman [2021]
V J Kulkarni v Rajinder Atkar | The County Court of Mayors and City of London

Mr Antino is a palpable witness, and his explanation of the unique attributes of the "Thompson Plan" greatly assisted the Court to understand the location and extent of the claimants’ boundaries. Mr Antino's expertise as a master mason persuaded the Court that the boundary "wall" was a retaining wall wholly within the claimant's land and not as contested by the defendants the remains of a previous structure on their land.

HHJ  Hildyard QC [2015]
Best & Best v Perkins & Dennis | The County Court of Luton.

The party wall environment has a number of world known players, Mr Antino is one of these well known players. 

HHJ Bailey [2015]
Bibizadeh v Dodosh | The County Court  of Central London

The appeal was a preliminary hearing of two points in respect of an Award served by Mr Antino and a surveyor appointed by Mr Antino under s.10(4) on behalf of the Appellant.

Mr Antino’s contention is that “it is not a matter for negotiation directly between one surveyor and the other surveyor’s client”.  Since I have determined that the ex-parte Award was valid the court is still able to determine the Award and under the statutory powers to modify the Award if appropriate. 

I am grateful to Mr Antino suggesting that I now determine the Award issue “I accept that Mr Antino’s approach was entirely within the party wall Act’s structure and his  hourly rate is not in my judgment unreasonable. It follows that the fee set out in the ex-parte Award had been properly justified and I therefore award Mr Antino’s fees”.

HHJ Platt [2007]
Bansal v Myers | Romford County Court

"In my judgment the Award is valid, the use of s.10(4) was the appropriate procedure given the Building Owners refusal to appoint a surveyor. A dispute had arisen that satisfied s.10 procedures, The Award is an impressive piece of work".  

HHJ Luba QC [2016]
Schmid v Hulls and Athananasou | The County Court  of Central London

Mr Antino is an acknowledged expert in the field of party wall issues.

HHJ Murfitt QC [2013]
Rusciani v Kumar and Sharma | The County Court of Chelmsford

I have known Philip for many years as a surveyor, he is a very good surveyor, as this book shows he is a very good author and this book can only advance his reputation.

HHJ Philip Bartle QC.
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